Blogs/ Diaries


A blog is a discussion forum on the internet consisting of discrete entries ("posts") made by participants on a subject of interest.

Blogging represents a breakthrough in qualitative online research. Blogs can be designed to allow participants to express themselves individually or to interact. They can be used to verbalize and visualize lifestyles, usage contexts, consumption moments - via words, pictures and videos. Blogs can have the character of a scrapbook or diary, they can explore specific themes or enable an open dialogue.


Another variation is Video Diaries, where participants speak to a webcam connected to their computer, a video camera in their smartphone, or a digital video camera, then email or upload their clips to be posted into an online platform. Participants can show and share what they are thinking and doing in real-time or “take us on a tour” – for example, showing items in their closet or refrigerator, how they do everyday activities in their home, or what they experience while shopping.





These methods are well suited for learning about behavior, perceptions, and emotions as they occur (“a day in the life”) and both can provide visual or multi-media materials to enrich reports.