Hybrid online FGDs


The shape, an online solution for qualitative research, is popularly taking and what we would like to call an Online FGD typically follows the following steps..

Step 1- Understanding client business and the brand in question and what the objective and information areas are for the specific qualitative research being commissioned.

Step 2- Post getting clarity on the questions to be answered and also the target group, recruitments process is initiated. In the Indian context this is better done physically, like for a regular FGD. The comfort level with internet technology usage and motivation level to keep recording, participating & sharing feedback form part of screening process in addition to the other study related criteria.    

Step 3- Often dedicated webcams or other handheld devices with multimedia capabilities are provided to participants to make the experience easier and more enjoyable so that the quality of responses is better.

Step 4- For the collection of all the inputs a portal is setup with individual user accounts to make a seamless connection between the panelists and the questions being asked and the tasks being assigned. Researcher can use a variety of techniques including projective ones through the insightful tasks assigned to respondents. These can be individual and group tasks. After a certain time period one can be given access to responses of other panelists as well and be asked to comment on them.

Step 5- Data mining and analysis- This step involves looking and relooking at the various pieces of inputs and making sense of it in the context of the brief.


Regular debriefs to the client are a part of the process and at the end rich output sometimes even a short film is presented to showcase findings


Research can be turned around quickly, since participants are pre-recruited. For example, once a community, network, or panel has been established, it may be possible to start an online board the next day by simply emailing 100 or so members and taking the first 20 who respond.