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Multi-purpose “one stop” qualitative platforms now make it possible to use multiple types of mobile and online communications within the same project — including online or mobile-enabled voice capture, video capture, texting, IM, posting online, and inputting or uploading photos, video clips, or other files.


One multi-media approach that is becoming popular is to ask participants to use their mobile devices to share thoughts and photos/videos while they are engaged in an activity (such as baby care or paying bills), then log in later to an online forum to provide more individual reflections or engage in group discussions. Moderators use the platform’s online features to manage these communications, and client observers can log in to view the flow and interact with each other and the moderator without being visible to participants.






These multi-purpose qualitative platforms make it possible to…


  • Manage mobile and online participants in one place (assigning usernames, assigning user characteristics (demographics, product/brand usage, attitudes, etc.) for filtering or subgroups, monitoring their progress, provide reminders/prompts/encouragement/support via email or SMS
  • Manage mobile and online input in one place for analysis, including content searching, tagging, and filtering by user characteristics; converting, editing, and archiving photos and videos; exporting transcripts
  • Accommodate multi-country or multi-language projects “under one roof” enabling easier access and collaboration among global researchers and client observers