Online communities


Market Research Online Communities (MROCs), Insights Communities, Co-Creation Networks, and Advisory Panels are all ways to interact with, collaborate with, and conduct qualitative (and sometimes quantitative) research among selected targets over time connected virtually to the researchers.


These methods may involve dozens or hundreds of customers, brand lovers, thought leaders, “creative/innovative” types, early adopters, or other targets recruited to participate in various activities. Often these methods are used in conjunction with innovation and new product development efforts






These methods can be great for longitudinal issues, such as understanding the whole course of a decision-making process, or how new product usage evolves over time.

Research can be turned around quickly, since participants are pre-recruited. For example, once a community, network, or panel has been established, it may be possible to start an online board the next day by simply emailing 100 or so members and taking the first 20 who respond.