Panaroma Groups


Panorama groups  bring together 20-24 respondents who are divided into 3-4 homogeneous sub- groups.  These  sub- groups are however different from each w.r.t. some significant criteria that is believed to impact responses like age, socio-economic strata, gender etc.

As the name suggests these are groups that help get a comprehensive and holistic view on the subject in question.

They are generally consumer moderated groups wherein each sub group has its own consumer moderator who has been briefed regarding the issue and trained on how to manage the group tasks  that are to be performed.  Rigorous  planning and preparation for tasks thus becomes critical for ensuring quality output in these kind of groups.  

As a first step discussions and activities happen within the sub-groups and consequently each sub group is asked to present its views and tasks to others and discussions and debates follow, that generate amazingly interesting revelations. 

These method is based on the belief that every respondent has the potential to be creative.


 The advantages that such groups offer include..

  • Efficient usage of time as it enables covering multiple segments  in one go.
  • Allows interface across different segment which gives valuable insights into commonalities and differences in attitudes etc.
  • Consumer moderated discovery result in richer and more unreserved revelations
  • Workshop style character with task sheets, presentations etc. stimulate higher quality of output.


  • Product concept tests
  • Advertising pre-tests