Real time online text chats


During Text Chat sessions, pre-recruited participants use internet-connected computers in any location to type their responses in real-time. The moderator can introduce discussion topics from a pre-loaded list, type in questions or probes on the fly, and show concepts, videos, websites, or other information to participants. A transcript of the text can be generated as soon as each session is complete. Clients can watch the live text chat streams from any internet-enabled computer, and confer with each other and the moderator privately via Text Chat, IM or phone. Some clients prefer to gather together in the same room with the moderator during these live sessions, so they can confer as a team.


With Text Chat platforms designed specifically for real-time qualitative discussions, sessions can be conducted in group mode (participants see each other’s responses as they are entered), or blinded mode (participants must respond before they can see others’ responses). Individual interviews can also be conducted concurrently or sequentially, using one-on-one mode.






When simplicity and immediacy are high priorities, Text Chat groups or concurrent interviews may be a good choice to consider