Sequential Recycling


It refers to the process of running group discussions in quick succession on new product or advertising ideas, and making amendments to the ideas after each group. Groups may be staggered on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. This then allows building ideas and changing the stimulus materials. So it is like building an idea all the way along…and then playing around with different ideas to see if the problem can be unlocked.


Design or creative personnel should be present during the groups, so they have a clear understanding of consumer reactions and what they can do to improve the idea. Alternatively, the same group can be consulted twice in one day; for example running a group during the day with the first set of ideas, changing them immediately after the group, and inviting the same people back that evening to see the new work . It also allows the participants  to gain a better understanding of what the creative ideas are trying to achieve, and enhances their involvement and excitement about the process.