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Case Studies

"How you do" is sometimes even more important that "what you do"!

Chips - A category which only a few decades ago was struggling to make inroads into the Indian snacking habit, today having bridged all gaps and having broken all barriers stands at the pinnacle of a phenomenal success. Nudging its way through the clutter... read more

Multiple dimensions to a ‘GO’ – ‘NO GO’ through qualitative research!

One of our clients was looking at expanding to newer geographies. Now the ‘terrain’ they were exploring, was a tough nut to crack with its atypical milieu in the context of its shopping habits. Moreover competitors had had very limited success in that... read more

Hard core analysis that finally led to a soft paneer!

This case is around a product development study that we undertook for an Indian dairy products’ giant. The client was set to enter a new category of dairy product namely paneer (cottage cheese) which is an integral part of the Indian cuisine and elevates... read more

Projective techniques to our rescue!

The arena of ready to cook snacks was ruled by a single well known brand for quite a while. Many tried to make a dent after understanding some of the weaknesses of the brand which seemed to be on the lines of its fuddy duddy image and lack of...read more

Popularity no guarantee!

This case entails our association with an apparel brand with respect to selecting and using a celebrity brand ambassador effectively.Brand ambassadors are used for various reasons – to break clutter, to create a certain brand persona...read more

Capturing the ‘unsaid’!

Enough stress cannot be laid on the importance of capturing the non verbal aspects of an individual’s response by tracking and understanding his body language, eye- movement, changes in heart rate/ pulse etc. Many a times a co-moderator ...read more