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Choice ordering/ Structuring Techniques


Respondent selects from the list of alternatives or arranges material into some order or groups them into categories. It is an adaptation of frequently used quantitative technique of ranking or ordering, used in qualitative research when the subjects have to explain why certain things are "most important" or "least important", or to "rank" or "order" or "categorize" certain factors associated with a product, brand or service. E.g. Object sorting, ranking test, Adcept recycling, etc..


Adcept recycling It is a well established tenet that positioning is as effective as its presentation…meaning it is highly dependent on the execution with all its nuances. Normally the process we follow for working out a piece of communication for establishing brand positioning is called Advertising Sequential Recycling. This is an adaptation of the choice ordering technique for qualitative research.  In this method, 2-3 positioning stances with merit are shortlisted and further for each positioning platform, 4-5 alternate execution routes are worked out which are all then put up to the consumers to get their feedback. So initially one does a quick check on almost 15 – 20 concept boards or adcepts to get spontaneous reactions and get a preference or ranking on key parameters like appeal etc. at a macro level. Then all the options that have been checked are grouped into three buckets basis the response received, namely- good, average and bad. Further an analysis is done to understand the common threads and capture the elements that are being liked across. Taking these forward the concept cards/ adcepts are re-crafted and the reworked 4-5 options are again taken to the consumer for a more detailed feedback. So in the process all the factors that detract from the key proposition come to light as well as those factors that enhance it are also isolated. This allows the ad agencies to leverage the value adding features which could be the situation, backdrop, moods, character etc. well, to come up a creative that is a winning combination of both positioning as well as execution.