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What We Do

Qualitative research is our forte. We also weave in basic quantitative research into our projects as and when required.
At Qualisys we aim at providing an end to end solution.

Methodologies Employed

  • In-depth interviews (individual & paired)
  • Telephonic interviews
  • Triads
  • Focus groups (Both regular and mini, including friendly and conflict groups)
  • Panorama groups
  • Innovation/ creative workshops
  • Expert interviews (B2B)
  • Concept labs
  • Usability testing
  • Safaris
  • Product clinics
  • Usage testing
  • Sequential Recycling
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Organoleptic evaluation
  • Online (synchronous and asynchronous)
  •    - Real Time FGDs and in-depth interviews

       - Real time online text chats

       - Bulletin boards

       - Blogs/ Diaries

       - Online communities

       - Hybrid online FGDs

       - Mobile qualitative research

       - Hybrid online platforms

  • Behavioral observation (including ethnographies/ experientials, accompanied shopping etc.)

    Types of studies

    Our scope of work includes a plethora of studies conducted over the years-

  • Exploratory research
  • Concept creation, development & evaluation research
  • Positioning development studies
  • Need gap/Opportunity identification studies
  • Market seeding studies for categories and brands
  • Advertising testing research (Pre and Post) – storyboard , print and TVC
  • Trend spotting research
  • Competition tracking studies– to assess vulnerability, ways to churn etc.
  • Creative/Communication development studies
  • Product testing & development studies
  • Idea generation studies at the product, packaging or communication level
  • Corporate image related research
    • Market segmentation studies – attribute generation and psychographic profiling of consumer segments
    • Price decoding and price evaluation studies
    • Brand name/logo generation/ testing research
    • Attitude and motivation studies
    • Brand equity & health studies (values and promise, image and personality)
    • Brand extension & review studies
    • Diagnostic studies
    • Promotion testing research
    • Packaging & design research
    • Celebrity/brand ambassador selection studies